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 How to Setup a PST



  1. - Open Outlook

  2. - Select File in the top left corner

  3. - Select Account Settings 

  4. - Select Account Settings again

  5. - Select the "Data Files" tab

  6. - Select Add

  7. - If you are creating a new PST file then navigate to "Documents" --> "Outlook Files" folder and then create your PST by naming it what you would like

  8. - Select OK

  9. - If you are trying to add and old PST to your outlook then when you click "Add" navigate to where your PST is saved (it should be located in "Documents" --> Either the "Email" or "Outlook Files" folder unless you have saved it in a different location) 

  10. - Once you click on it then select OK

  11. - Select Close

    You will see it populate on the left side, you will just need to select the arrow next to it in order to see everything


NOTE: If you are creating a new PST, in order to add folders just right click on the new PST and select "New Folder" 

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