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 How to Reduce Picture Size in Powerpoint Slideshows




Reduce the size of images in a Powerpoint or Word Document

The following steps are useful if you wish to send a Powerpoint Slideshow or Word Document e.g. after a presentation. In most cases it will drastically reduce the size of the email message.

The following is an example for a Powerpoint Slideshow which is 20mb - The easy steps below reduce the size of the file to 750kb!!!


1. Open up the Powerpoint document and go to any slide with a picture. (See Attach 1)

2. Go to the Picture tab (See Attach 2)


3. Choose Compress... (1) and then make sure all tick boxes and radios are the same (2). (See Attach 3)


4. Click OK then OK again - Save document then check file size and see the difference (NOTE: You can only do this once as pictures can only be compressed so far!!)

1.jpg 1.jpg
2.jpg 2.jpg
3.jpg 3.jpg

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