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 How to Map Shared Drives


48 FSS Users Mapping Shared Drive:


If you are missing the R: Drive please follow the instructions below

STEP 1 - Open File Explorer 

STEP 2 - When the Window opens select "This PC" on the left column

STEP 3 - Select 'Computer' at the top of the window, it's located between File and View

STEP 4 - Select "Map Network Drive" 

STEP 5 - Change 'Drive' to R:

STEP 6 - In the 'Folder' box copy and paste \\lak-dm-02\lakdata02$\48MSG\48FSS\XX\

STEP 7 - Replace the 'XX' with your Flight and office symbol if applicable - for example: \\lak-dm-02\lakdata02$\48MSG\48FSS\FSRI

STEP 8 - Once you have the path filled in correctly select 'Finish' 

STEP 9 - If you get an error or access denied select OK

STEP 10- Submit a ticket 

If you still do not see your shared drives you are trying to map, please continue to submit a ticket.


You can also map:

Shared Drive: Change above to: \\lak-dm-02\lakpublic$\ as S Drive

Liberty Photo Share: Change above to: \\msek-fs-01p as L Drive

Files Drive: Change above to: \\Lak-dm-01\lakdata01$\48msg\48 fss as O Drive

User Drive (if you have one): \\lak-dm-03\lakuser01$\EDPI Number as U Drive





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